What should you expect of a good Sales Consultant?

The Good Sales Consultant:

- will be ready for your appointment and not be distracted by other things going on at the Dealership. This is your time.
Don't be afraid to walk if you’re not getting the attention you deserve.

- will ask you to come in and discuss the motivations for your visit to be sure that there are no misunderstandings. Be prepared to spend a few minutes here to insure that everyone is on the right page and that your Consultant understands your needs.

- will make notes of everything you are looking for in a vehicle including options and a wish list. As well as what you have decided to budget. Be honest here, but keep a small percentage of your budget to yourself for when you get to the negotiating phase for this vehicle purchase. At this point it will become evident to the consultant weather you intend to pay Cash or Finance?
Your Consultant should inform you if he/she feels that your budget will fit with your vehicle requirements or that possibly a different vehicle would be a better fit. Your Consultant may also attempt to have you agree to a larger budget amount. Only you know your budget, but if you've been honest about the budget amount, you may need to look at a different vehicle for now.

- will ask if you are ok with having his manager to do a soft credit check (they always need your permission to do a credit check). This should be acceptable to you, because the manager will be better able to help with the vehicle choice knowing if indeed your credit and budget will work with your vehicle want list.
     - if your credit score is what you indicated to the Consultant there should be no surprises and your Consultant will inform you that he/she will pull up your new vehicle for a demonstration drive.

     - if on the other hand you have not been completely honest with your Consultant you may get a bit of an eye opener when you are told that you can't get the brand new luxury vehicle you were hoping to drive and that if you are actually needing a new ride, it may end up being that the 10 year old compact car is the only one that fits. The best policy is to be honest from the outset. Know and understand what you can afford and qualify for.

It's finally time for the Demonstration Drive.

What should you expect?

If you are simply tossed the keys and told to have fun, you might consider walking, as the Sales Consultant is not doing the job that he or she was hired for.

- First, your Sales Consultant should start with the walk around. Beginning in the engine compartment and working completely around the vehicle explaining safety, and demonstrating the key features and options.

- Second, is the interior and as a rule the consultant should be in the driver’s seat. Before you actually begin moving your consultant should begin by explaining the interior safety, comfort features and options. He/she should be driving first, continuing with the explanation and demonstration of the vehicle. 

- Third, time to change spots and drive your dream machine yourself. Your consultant should now be quite so you can enjoy the drive and take in everything about the vehicle.
Note: If your sales consultant keeps chattering simply ask for quite. This is your time to experience the ride and feel of what could be your next new ride - don't let the consultant distract you!

- Fourth, the drive is done. You’re back at the dealership. Before you leave the vehicle your consultant should now be asking how you feel about the vehicle, if you’re happy, if you enjoyed the ride, and if you have any questions or concerns.  Be candid with any questions or concerns and expect the Sales Consultant to be up front with the replies. Don’t be distracted by vague answers, be to the point and expect the same in return. If you feel that the replies to your questions are un-clear, call your consultant out and demand (nicely) an upfront and clear answer without the BS.
Ok so all is good and everything is clear in your mind, you want to see the numbers, or possibly you didn't feel that this vehicle was for you.

If this is not the right vehicle for whatever reason, tell your Consultant honestly and ether look at another vehicle choice in their inventory or move on to the next dealership, there is no need to see numbers on something you are not interested in and no need to waist your time or the consultant's. Again be honest and upfront.

If you’re interested in the vehicle and want to take it to the next step ask for the numbers.
Now it’s back inside and the Negotiation begins.