Seal the Deal
You've completed the nogation of your new vehicle and you are happy with everything that has been presented to you, the numbers work, and you love the car. 

What's next?
The Sales Person will now ask you to sign or initial that you agree to the negotiated terms of the contract and he will also ask for a deposit to seal the deal. This deposit is 100% refundable in most instances. 
It may not be refundable if you agree to have a vehicle brought in from another city or Provence and decide to back out of the deal when the car arrives even though it is exactly as promised. If you are having a vehicle brought in, or delivered sight unseen, be sure to have included in the contract that if the vehicle is not as promised (in writing) that you will be refunded your complete deposit.

Review the Offer to Purchase to insure that everything you have negotiated is indeed in writing. If all is as negotiated and you are sure that this is the vehicle for you, go ahead and sign the Offer to Purchase and make your deposit.
The negation is now complete and you are on your way to owning a new vehicle.

In most cases the Sales Person will now take the signed Offer to Purchase and your deposit to the Sales Manager to fill in all of the blanks with the negotiated information.  Once complete you will be asked to sign and initial in mutiple locations on the agreed to Offer to Purchase. As with all legal documents it is important to be sure to read and understand this document before you sign. 
Your Sales Person will show you where the initials and signatures are required, but again be sure to understand everything and insure that everything that you successfully agreed to during the negation is in writing before you put ink to paper.
Ask for a copy for your records if one isn't offered.

Be sure nothing is missed.

The next stop is usually the Business Office to complete a credit application.