In the Business Office
The Business Office or Finance and Insurance Office (F&I) is the second last stop on the road to driving away in your new vehicle. This is where you sign all of the purchase documents. Be patient this can take a while, so don't go in with the expectations of being in and out in just a few minutes. As a rule you should expect to spend at least 30 minutes going over documents. 

In the Business Office you will be offered add-ons to your purchase. The products you will be offered will include extended warranties, paint and fabric protection, theft deterrent or alarm systems and wheel or tire products. 

Don't be shy here, ask questions if you feel that you don't completely understand what you are being asked to sign. Remember this is your money and considering that for most people this is also the largest single purchase, short of buying a house that you will ever make. Your Money and Your Time. Be sure everything is clear before you sign.

Think about your previous car ownership experience, or talk to family and friends about theirs. Ask for their advice before you go in to finalize the deal, but remember that advice is just that and you should always consider this information and do what you feel is best for you. Another thing to consider the car's built-in features and how long you expect to keep your new vehicle, do you intend to mile it out or upgrade before the warrantee expires? All of this will help you through the decision making process and whether or not these products will be worth the expense.

Extended warranty can be purchased later, although if you plan on wrapping its cost into your car loan, you'll need to do it in the business office when you are finalizing the purchase. If you do decide you want an extended warranty, it's will be best to get one that is backed by the manufacturer of the vehicle you're buying. 

Some of the paint and fabric protection products that the finance manager offers may be worth considering, as a rule, these protection packages do a good job of resisting stains and rust issues down the road.
Some of the companies have very good warranties for their products and will replace upholstery or leather if a stain manages to get through the barrier. Check the warrantees offered before you purchase the protection products.


Are you clear on everything? Even if you feel confident that everything is clear and correct, ask the finance manager to go over the documents one more time, just to insure you didn't miss anything and that everything has been done correctly and to your satisfaction.